Vumoo is one of the most popular streaming sites which offers a massive database of movies and series available for free in HD quality without registration. Vumoo has been online for many years and already passed the test of time, being worldwide trusted for the quality of its content and it's very often chosen as the main source of free entertainment by many people in the world. Due to the last year of inactivity, the popularity of this streaming site decreased a lot but since a few months ago when the pandemic started we have more time to work on Vumoo and after our latest updates the visitors are starting to come back again on our website. Our collection is now fresh and updated with the latest movies and episodes from the last months and we continue to improve it everyday. The design of the website has been changed with a new and modern one, more intuitive and easy to use and also we've implemented some cool features that you can discover in a few minutes if you take a look on our website.

At this moment, our database includes around 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 50.000 episodes and it keeps growing everyday when we are adding the newest movies and episodes so you can be among the first who watch them. All the content which is originally dubbed in another language than English has been modified in our latest update and now benefit of suitable English subtitles so everyone can enjoy it. Every movie and episode from Vumoo is available for free in HD or Full HD quality. We are working hard to get even better quality like 2k or 4k but for the moment the quality on Vumoo is anyway better than the majority of the free streaming sites and you can discover this by yourselves. Also, don't forget that our website does not require registration in order to watch movies and series. We are a free site and there is no need to pay anything or to create an account. However, you can still register if you want to get access to some extra features like Favorite or Watch Later but this is not mandatory and it's also free of cost. Vumoo started as a free streaming website and that's how it will stay until the end because we think everyone have the right to watch movies and series for free on the internet.

Watching movies and tv shows on Vumoo is very simple thanks to our intuitive design and well structured content. You can find a specific movie or show by typing its name in the search form if you already know what you are going to watch. If you are not decided yet and need a little bit of inspiration, just take a look on our dedicated pages with Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite or Top IMDb where all the movies and series are sorted under these criteria. All our content is also filtered with tags such as genres, year, network, country, actors, director and many more that will make the search process much easier here than on other streaming sites. Thanks to our massive database, there is a very big chance to find all your favorite movies and series on Vumoo. If you are looking for a movie that's not available on our website, please tell us about it on our Requests page or in a comment on any page of the site and we will publish it in less than a day so you can enjoy if for free in HD quality. Don't forget to come back on Vumoo everyday because our team is permanently working in order to publish the newest movies and episodes in just a few minutes after they are oficially broadcasted on TV or released by their networks. Also, we almost forgot to mention that on Vumoo you can enjoy a completely ad-free experience because after our latest update we have removed all the types of advertising so the visitors won't be bothered by annyoing pops and ads anymore. There are expensive costs for the maintenance of a website like Vumoo but from now we will start to support them from our own pockets so the visitors can have a smoother experience without ads.